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Click on to a profession in one of the segments in the schematic below to see the services which may be provided by the selected health care professional to assist patients undergoing stroke recovery.

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Trigger points for a GP referral to a chiropractor

  • Diagnosis of stroke, after acute management
  • When a patient needs advice and/or treatment for assistance with mobility, balance or pain management
  • Need for improved coordination of joints
  • Poor spinal function; past or present history of mechanical joint pain, injury, dysfunction, spinal degeneration
  • Spinal or rib cage motion restriction to assist respiration and movement
  • Need for assistance in the management of coordination, balance and mobility
  • History of falls, need for fall prevention
  • Need for ongoing monitoring of neurological status and recovery

Trigger points for a chiropractor referral to a GP

  • Onset or progression of neurological signs and symptoms such as red flags and orange flags
  • Development of clinical depression associated with the condition
  • Signs of neurological deficit
  • Co-management, e.g. monitoring or warfarin levels

Potential treatment by a chiropractor

  • Stimulation of mechanoreceptors in the spine as vital for brain function
  • Monitor and rehabilitate neuromuscular and general joint function
  • Targetted stimulation of afferent pathways for stimulation of neurological recovery
  • Lifestyle modification advice
  • Assess and gently treat the spine for presence of vertebral subluxation complex
  • Assist patients with general health and well-being education, particularly diet, exercise and techniques to alleviate pain and increase mobility
  • Soft tissue therapy - stimulation of peripheral joints on affected side; light touch, joint proprioceptive stimulation, deep pressure