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Health Professional


Click on to a profession in one of the segments in the schematic below to see the services which may be provided by the selected health care professional to assist patients undergoing stroke recovery.

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Trigger points for a GP referral to an occupational therapist

  • Patient not coping with everyday activities of daily living such as self-care, toileting, bathing, feeding, shopping, socialising
  • Difficulty in transfers (e.g. struggle to get out of chair)
  • Difficulty in reaching perineum as demonstrated by frequent urinary tract infections
  • Difficulty in reaching extremities such as tying up shoe laces
  • Difficulty with mobility such as patient stands and walks very close to you

Trigger points for an occupational therapist referral to a GP

  • Comorbidity (depression and other acute conditions)
  • Failure to progress
  • Wounds that do not heal
  • Poor compliance to medication regime
  • Life crises (sudden change in life circumstances, such as death of partner, family member or pet)

Potential treatment by an occupational therapist

  • Splinting/joint protection to rest joints in an appropriate position
  • Utensil modification including built up handles on cutlery, tap turners and levers, door handles
  • Independence in activities of daily living such as dressing, toileting, bathing
  • Environmental modification including correcting the height of chairs, tables, beds, toilets, kitchen benches, trolley
  • Adaptive equipment prescription for chairs, wheelchairs and reaching aids
  • Work simplification and energy conservation